Super Network Tunnel client-server.

     This software allows HTTP / HTTPS/SOCKS tunneling of any TCP communication between any client-server systems. The TCP traffic is sent from the client to the server via standard HTTP 1.1 POST requests, which allows penetrating through firewalls and proxy servers.

  This software helps enabling network communications in firewall/proxy server/traffic filtering environments, where only certain traffic via HTTP protocol is allowed. Various client-server applications such as remote desktop, streaming and application servers, use custom ports and proprietary TCP protocols for IP data exchange. These programs can function in prohibitive environments using the Super Network Tunnel software.

 How it works:


The client side of a tunnel is Super Network Tunnel client application. It listens on a particular TCP port for incoming requests. Once the request comes, the program creates an HTTP/S tunnel to the server and sends data through this tunnel. The server side of the tunnel is a Super Network Tunnel Server. The server side simply forwards the data to the intended recipient application running on the server computer or it's LAN.

Both client and server sides support multiple tunnels and multiple connections via the same tunnel at the same time. Super network tunnel is an independent product, it do not need JDK, .net runtime environment, do not need to install web server software, such as apache or IIS and It use native code, and it's speed is very fast.

Why do you use this software?

If you answer yes to any of these, super network tunnel is the answer:

·    Need to use your favorite program monitor free
    Need secure internet browsing
    Bypass Firewall without causing any security risk
    Need to use favorite programs, (browsing, IM, Game, P2P ) which are currently not access with out being monitored by work, school, ISP or GOV.
    Extra security for online transactions
    Use your favorite applications that are now blocked
    Hide your IP address
    Encrypt all your Internet traffic.
    Need play online games
    Free unlimited data transfer bandwidth
    1024 RSA+128-bit AES Encryption. Secure all your browsing just like you are viewing your bank website
    In home, you can access office's network and continue your work
·    Remote help, you can let outside computer go into your LAN to help your.

Features :  

Genuine two-way tunnel, can start connection by any party
Like a magic , super network tunnel allow you in home access office computer and it's LAN, Regardless of whether your office network to set up a firewall, and only allowed out to internet, and are not allowed internet user into the internal LAN.

.Including like sockscap functions integration, configuration more simple
  To simplify your configuration work, super network tunnel integrates the functions of similar ‘sockscap’ , you now only need to click the mouse, select the program and drag it to the tunnel list of programs, the work is completed.

.System can use 'Remote Desktop' to remotely control the computer the other tunnel
  It help 'remote desktop' bypass http proxy to control each other's computer, for example, office can control the home computer, home can also control the office computer. Of course, you first should choose to 'allow remote users to control my computer' in XP system.

Can direct run, not need install any driver.
   It can run direct, and it run as NT service, every time the system starts up it automatically start, and when network connectivity is error, it can automatically determine the fault and retry it.

Support Vista
It support vista32, and in vista, it use ‘dragbox’ options to support drag and drop configuration.

Support NTLM http proxy
 It support NTLM proxy server, such as WINISA proxy server.

Support FTP PORT mode to send/receive data in tunnel.
Some client software, use ftp port model to transmit data, if you use general http tunnel software, is unable to transmit data, but super network tunnel use a special technical support the software transmit data in this way.

Automatic dial-up support, provide dynamic DNS client refresh function.
  Sometimes, your home machine using a dial-up or PPPOE dial connection to connect to the internet, it needs call a dial-up connection and it's internet IP is dynamic, that is, each connect to the internet are not the same as internet IP, in this case , you can let the system in the server-side to automatically dial your dial-up connection, and request a free domain name to bind your dynamic IP, then you can use this free domain name to connect your server machine and the free domain name is static.

Video Tutorial:

  Server Install    Server Configuration    Client Install    Client Configuration


Q: I need to open the home's computer has been waiting for the client computer to connect it?

No, when you need to connect the home's computer , you can use 'wake on modem' or 'wake on lan' function remote wake-up the home office, you can see more of the details in google.  Here is a free Online Wake-ON-LAN service .

Q: If I do not open my home computer, when I go home to open, I can control the office computer?

  Yes, because when a network failure, the system will automatically re-connected.  

Q: What should I do if client can't connect to server because firewall block it?

When using firewall the TunnelClientService.exe and TunnelServerService.exe (in install dir) must be added in the firewall's allowed program list

SP2 on Windows XP introduced automatic installation of firewall. Also Windows Vista has firewall automatically enabled.

Therefore on such system, TunnelClientService.exe and TunnelServerService must be added in the firewall's allowed program list.

You can read more about enabling programs on Windows Firewall here:

Windows XP: 

Windows Vista:

Note that you may have more firewalls installed. Some antivirus programs automatically install the firewall. In this case you have to open program access on all firewalls.