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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Q: What should I do if client can't connect to server because firewall block it.

When using firewall the TunnelClientService.exe and TunnelServerService.exe (in install dir) must be added in the firewall's allowed program list

SP2 on Windows XP introduced automatic installation of firewall. Also Windows Vista has firewall automatically enabled.

Therefore on such system,TunnelClientService.exe and TunnelServerService must be added in the firewall's allowed program list.

You can read more about enabling programs on Windows Firewall here:

Windows XP:


Windows Vista:


Note that you may have more firewalls installed. Some antivirus programs automatically install the firewall. In this case you have to open program access on all firewalls.

Q: When I use remote desktop still need password?

Yes, You still need input your windows's username and password.

Q: My client computer need a license?

NO, just need a license on server computer.

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